Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pregnancy Update 30-32 Weeks


Here's what has been going on with me and Baby Ellis.

-Weeks 30-32 included our trip to Chicago.  In that blog post I explained the swelling and Braxton Hicks that I started having while out of town.  When we got back to Austin my feet were MUCH better and had minimal swelling.  I wasn't really having many Braxton Hicks contractions anymore either, so that was a relief!  At the end of my 32nd week I travelled to Mansfield for my baby "sprinkle" and the swelling returned.  My feet and ankles have been very puffy and I am starting to feel just a few minor contractions here and there.  Let's hope this doesn't mean I'll develop pre-eclampsia again or deliver early!  My blood pressure has remained perfect so far, so that is at least positive. 

-Ellis has started having the hiccups more and I can often feel them at night time.

-Stretch marks have appeared on the lower right side of my tummy.  Boo!!!!  I didn't get any stretch marks with Lane until after he was born and my stomach shrunk back.  Even the ones I got then were really light and faded easily.  This time they are a little bit darker and more visible, but aren't TOO bad. Yet.

-Still not sleeping too well because I have to get up to use the bathroom so frequently!

-Had a Baby "Sprinkle" in Arlington on February 23, 2014.  More on that coming in another post!

32 Week Checkup Update:

-I gained a little less than a pound, bringing my total weight gain to roughly 18 lbs.
-BP was 112/72.  Still normal!
-Dr. Schneider was gone.......AGAIN.  This time she had to perform a surgery, so I saw the nurse practitioner.
-She still said my swelling was normal and to just try to put my feet up a few times a day.

Here is the progression so far!  Not too much longer!

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