Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 Day Weekend

Kyle had off Monday, February 17th for President's Day, so we had a nice 3 day weekend together!  We stayed pretty busy and had lots of fun!  Friday night was Valentine's Day, and that was the night we stayed home and Kyle cooked dinner.  Saturday, Lane had his last T-ball game of the winter season. 

This picture is nothing special, I just wanted to remember how he crosses his little legs and hands in the car!  Sweet boy!

Lane played probably his best game yet.  He got to get a bunch of balls in the field and hit pretty well.  I love watching him play!!

That night we went to a new restaurant downtown called Crave.  We had plans to eat elsewhere, but it was pretty crowded with long waits and we got right in here.  They treated Lane like royalty!  Brought him a pillow for his back and some fancy french fries!

On Sunday we went to Austin's Park and Pizza.  Kyle and I went here back when he was in college and had never taken Lane since we have lived in Austin.  Lane loved it, of course!

Riding the bumper boats with Dad.

My buddy!

Tall enough to ride the "roller coaster!"

We are in the orange #4 car!  I rode this with him and probably shouldn't have.  It didn't have any dips or scary parts, but this thing whizzed by on every turn!  Like literally jerked you side to side.  Ellis had a wild ride!

This is a TERRIBLE picture of me, plus Kyle's camera skills are that of a toddler, but I thought Lane looked so cute!  He was loving the ride and cracked up every time we passed Daddy.

Daddy's turn on rest of the rides!

Riding the go-carts

After our outside fun, we went inside to play some arcade games.  Lane liked hammering the shark heads as they popped up.


Skee Ball!  Lane wasn't quite big enough to master this one.

Getting some help from Daddy

Lane loved riding the car/motorcycle rides, even without putting money in.  He didn't even realize he wasn't actually driving and it was just the demo on the screen.  ;-)


Time for some Buck Hunter!

He kept putting that knee up to help his aim.

The rest of the weekend was spent outside in the pretty weather.  Kyle was out with Lane and text me this picture of a strange man with a mustache in our front yard.  :)

And the next day we had an officer patrolling our neighborhood!

Life is definitely more fun with this guy around!!

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