Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had lots of family fun this Thanksgiving!  On Wednesday night we drove to Tomball to have Thanksgiving with Kyle's side of the family.  We stayed with Kyle's grandma and went over to his aunt  and uncle's house the next day for lunch.  

Nonna cutting the turkey!

Kyle's cousins Olivia and Addie kept Lane entertained and it was like we had hired babysitters!  He had fun playing outside with them and talked them into playing upstairs with him when we were inside.

Daddy had some fun on the scooter!

Lane (and I) took a long afternoon nap and he woke up ready to entertain everyone!

 Eating some leftovers for dinner with Gran

Telling Laura and Olivia a story

Near the end of the night, Lane decided to put on a concert for everyone.  There was a karaoke machine upstairs and Olivia set it up on the landing for him so we could all hear and see him from the living room downstairs.  He was quite the performer!  He sang Wheels on the Bus, The Eyes of Texas, What Does the Fox Say, and some of his school Christmas program songs nice and loud.  At one point he said he needed to collect 4 pennies from each person before he sang the next song, and announced that he was going to give the money to people who don't have enough!  His very first "benefit concert!"

We stayed until after dinner and then made the drive back to Austin that night so we could break up the trip to San Angelo that we would embark on the next day.  We said a sad goodbye to Pops and Gran, and were on our way!

The next day, we drove to my aunt Kathy's house for another turkey dinner!  Lane wasn't into pictures this day.  I tried to get a picture of him in his Thanksgiving shirt and it was quite tough.  Mason finally made him laugh and I got a couple of cute ones.

Marley was happy to pose for me!

And Mason had his biggest smile ready for the camera!

After playing outside we all came in to eat dinner.  Lane is still super picky and ended up eating a peanut butter sandwich with his fruits and veggies.  He likes lunchmeat turkey, but wouldn't touch the good stuff.  Crazy guy!

Partners in crime.  These two were a wild pair all weekend!

Little Evin got to try lots of yummy solids on her first Thanksgiving!  She enjoyed the mashed potatoes!

A rare picture of just me and my hubby

We are so thankful that Paw was able to come from Brady.  I love this man!

 Evin LOVED me, as usual ;-)



But wasn't a big fan of Kyle!  She would get a scared, upset look on her face and cry every time he tried to hold her.  She did warm up to him the next day and tolerated him a lot better!

Trying for a family picture with the boy who says "Pictures ruin my life."

A little help from Daddy and we got a smile!  Too bad Kyle looks crazy!

The kids wrestled with Kyle for a while

Then settled down to watch Christmas movies in Kathy's room. 

The next day we ventured out to try to get a good family picture for Mom's Christmas card.  I had low expectations, because getting 2 kids to both look/smile for the camera simultaneously is tough!  Kathy was a good sport and came along as our "entertainment!"  I set up a tripod with my camera, put the self timer on, and we all worked hard to get a decent picture!  Kathy did a good job of making ALL of us laugh!  Surprisingly, the second frame of the day ended up being really good, and we got a few other good ones as well!  Success! 

We took some separate family pics as well...

And tried to get a good one of Mums with both kids, but Lane was done at this point and wasn't too cooperative.

We said farewell to everyone and left San Angelo on Sunday.  It was great to see all of our families!

We have lots to be thankful for this year!  I can't believe it was our last Thanksgiving as a family of 3!

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