Friday, November 22, 2013

Walk to Defeat ALS 2013

This year, our family participated in our 7th Walk to Defeat ALS in honor of my dad, who passed away from the disease in 2006.  The Snowden Family came in town for the occasion and we were glad to add a new member to our "Journey for John" Walk Team---Evin Kate!

The littlest supporters

Lane was in kind of a grouchy mood and was refusing to pose for pictures.  Our opinionated 3 year old has become quite the bossy boy and often gets an attitude when he has to do something he doesn't want to.  We had to settle for sub-par pictures of Lane Austen that day.

Papa John's biggest fans!  I wish with all my heart that Lane and Evin could have met him!

The Snowden kids were great picture takers that day!  They were happy to jump in for a couple of photos and had picture perfect smiles!

Lane and Daddy

Marley's turn!

Now, Mason!

Evin was a happy girl in her heart hat!

Mason and Kyle ran the 5K instead of walking last year, and Kyle didn't think he would want to again this year.  Kyle had a big breakfast and a coffee before the walk, then Mason informed him that he wanted to run again!  Kyle was a trooper and ran it with him, even though he wasn't prepared for a morning run!

Our best attempt at a family pic

2 peas in a pod

We spent the rest of the weekend playing at home and visiting with family.  Kyle was glad to get in some play time with Evin!  He hadn't seen her in a while!

It's hard to believe that we will be adding ANOTHER baby girl to our team next year!  
We miss you, Papa John!

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