Friday, November 29, 2013

Almost Thanksgiving...

The week leading up to Thanksgiving was a busy one!  Lane's school had out the whole week for the holiday, so his class celebrated the Thursday before.  He wore his cute turkey shirt and was excited to get to eat Chick Fil A at school with his class!  No turkey and dressing for these kiddos, they went for the good stuff!

When I picked him up I was surprised to see what he said he was thankful for.  Not that I'm surprised he is thankful for Daddy, but he is usually a big Mama's boy!  I thought it was pretty sweet and text this picture to Kyle.  I'm pretty sure it made his day!

Nevermind that my child's picture looks like a mugshot!

He did make a cute necklace with thankful feathers and included Mommy and his dog.

After school we drove to Mansfield for the weekend.  Mom was gracious enough to agree to watch Scout while we went to Houston for Thanksgiving with Kyle's family, so I had to drop off the pooch.  We made a long weekend out of it and I was excited to have lots of photo shoots planned with friends and acquaintances while we were in town.  WELL, the weather got COLD and was pretty miserable the entire weekend.  So miserable that all 5 of my photo shoots were cancelled!  We ended up spending a lot of time indoors since it was so chilly but got a lot of projects done while we were cooped up.  We ventured out to Spring Creek for lunch one day and did a little bit of shopping.  Lane looked cute in his winter gear!

Kori and Mitch had a wedding to go to on Saturday night, so Mom and I got to babysit Evin.  We had fun playing in the warm house by the fire!

Evin was so happy and smiley!

Tried hard for a grandkids shot...

The next day Kori came over and we worked on Christmas cards and blogging.  Evin was a good little assistant!  Lane was able to go play at Gran's house for a while and Kori and I went and did a little Christmas shopping.

It was still really cold that night and Lane enjoyed toasting his buns by the fire.  :)

Just a cute picture of Scouty

Lane has recently become interested in reading Bible stories.  My mom found some children's Bibles that belonged to Kori and me and he would sit and listen attentively!

Feeding Miss E

Lane was really sweet to Evin the whole weekend.  He would baby talk her, pat her head, and read her books.  We did notice some hints of jealousy, especially around Mums.  One of the nights she was there, Lane kept begging to play a game and mom said "I think Evin is about to leave soon, so we can play as soon as she's gone."  Before mom even had time to finish her sentence, Lane enthusiastically said "Bye, Evin!!!"  Haha!

On Tuesday we headed back to Austin to gear up for our Thanksgiving travels!  This is the face of a sad little boy leaving his Grandmothers!!  He almost always does this when we leave.  So so sad!

 The drive took us almost 5 hours to get home!!!  The combination of being the week of a holiday and me arriving in Austin during rush hour wasn't a good one, but Lane was so good the whole way home.  I rewarded him with Chick Fil A for dinner and he got a big smile on his face when he got to see Daddy that night.  While we were at Chick Fil A, they gave Lane a thankful turkey craft to take home, so Kyle helped him make it after we ate.


The finished turkey!  He started off strong with his answers and began to stretch a little when he kept needing answers to fill the feathers!  (Utility truck and my body?!?!)

Next up...our Thanksgiving celebrations!

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