Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scouty Turns Seven

On October 28, 2013, Scout turned 7 years old!  So far, 6 was probably her worst year yet in terms of behavior.  She marks her territory in the house, and wants to be the dominant dog when around other animals.  She occasionally chews things up and obsessively licks.  BUT, she can be very sweet, is smart and usually really obedient, and has always been good with Lane.  Despite her short comings, we think we'll keep her!  ;-)  Let's hope year 7 is a year of growth and maturity for her.  Haha!

Lane wanted to make party hats for her, so I whipped some up using some scrapbook paper I had.  He sang her happy birthday a couple times throughout the day and she got a special breakfast and dinner.

Here is some evidence of how good she is with Lane.  Unless she is hurt by him or startled, she has never shown aggression.  She has been known to bare her teeth but has never maliciously bitten at him.  He gave her her yearly well-check to make sure she was healthy!

Checking her blood pressure

Taking her temperature

We sanitized the ol' thermometer after this one...

Checking her ears

And eyes

The verdict:  A healthy pooch!  

We love you, Scout Olivia Coots!  Happy birthday!

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