Saturday, November 2, 2013

Big Family Fun!

The weekend before Halloween was a fun one!  We had set plans for every day and had lots of fun.  Friday night we had family movie night in the media room.  Lane even requested popcorn, which he usually won't eat.  He scarfed down his bowl while we watched Robin Hood, one of Daddy's childhood favorites!  Lane loved certain parts, especially the theme song, and made it through the whole movie, despite getting a little stir crazy at the end.

Saturday morning was t-ball.  I know all of my t-ball pictures probably look the same, but I can't help but document each game!!  I think Lane looks so cute in his uniform and I don't want to miss anything!

Happy guy on 2nd base!

 Look at that power!

Running to 1st base

My cute little fielder

Getting some tips from Daddy


After t-ball I used my souvenir from Kyle's trip to New Orleans.  He helped me make beignets with Cafe Du Monde's mix.  I have never fried anything before, so I was shocked that they turned out right.  They were really tasty!

Taking a big, sugary bite!

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Hill Country Galleria for their trick or treat event.  It is an outdoor shopping mall that had stores passing out candy.  Lane got lots of compliments on his knight costume!


We went home for Lane's nap and then went to Doc's Backyard to watch the Texas/TCU game.  We had never been there before, and had a good time until the rain delay.  It is an outdoor restaurant with a playground attached, so Lane had fun playing while Daddy got to watch the game.

On Sunday, Kyle got a wild hair to bake homemade cookies and BBQ Ribs.  Random!  I got to go get a prenatal massage, so Kyle took Lane to the store to get ingredients and they got to work cooking up a delicious dinner.  I caught them dancing in the kitchen when I got home from my massage!

It was a fun weekend leading up to a fun Halloween week!

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