Monday, November 11, 2013

IT'S A..........

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, we had our appointment with the perinatologist for my 18 week anatomy scan sonogram.  It was originally scheduled for November 14, but Kyle was scared he would have a work conflict, so we were able to move it up a whole week!  We were thrilled because we had already planned a trip back to DFW that weekend and could tell our family the baby's gender in person!

The appointment went well.  Most importantly, the specialist was able to see all of the parts of the baby and confirmed that the heart, brain, limbs, and the baby in general looked GREAT!  Baby Coots was measuring right on track and cooperated by letting us get a peek at her girly parts!  :)  The specialist knew right away it was a girl and got a couple of extra views in to make completely sure.  We are thrilled to be adding a little girl to the mix!  I know Lane was set on a sister, and Kyle and I are excited to experience having a daughter.  We both didn't care at all if it was a boy or a girl, but were happy to hear that SHE is healthy and can't wait to meet HER!

The sonographer snapped this picture of us right after we found out the news.  We all have such genuine smiles!  I love this picture so much and am glad I had her take it.

I searched Pinterest for some cute gender reveal ideas and came across these do it yourself confetti poppers using push pop containers.  Rather than having to eat a bunch of push pop popsicles, I was glad to find empty ones at Michael's and stuffed them with pink confetti.  I wrapped them in scrapbook paper and sealed them with tissue paper. 

Lane was really excited to tell Mums, Gran, Pops, and his Aunts and Uncles his big news.  We stayed with my mom for the weekend and she was excited to pop her popper and find pink confetti.  She must have had a premonition because she was wearing the right color!  ;-)

I put an "It's a girl" strip of paper in each popper so Lane could pose with his loved ones.

We took Kori and Mitch's Christmas card pictures at the park, so Lane took their confetti poppers to give to them there.

Gran and Pops were excited to hear the news too! Their confetti poppers worked the best of all!  Lots of pink showering everyone!

Even Sawyer was happy!

This same weekend was the Walk to Defeat ALS that my family participates in every year.  My Aunt Kathy, Tiffany, Mason and Marley all were in town to go to the walk, so Lane let them know the news by spraying the kids with pink silly string!!  Marley hid under the table so she wouldn't get sprayed, but Mason was quite ready to be a target!

I think Mason was having so much fun getting sprayed that he didn't really realize what it was all about and what the pink meant.  Tiffany said "Mason, do you know what this means?  Lane is going to have a baby sister!"  This picture was right as she told him!

Uncle Mitch was just minding his own business and got the last few sprays of silly string directed at him.  Such a good sport!

We let the rest of the family know by phone calls, texts, and emails and everyone was very excited.  My grandpa, Paw, has correctly predicted the gender of all of his great grandkids and had told me back in September that he thought it was a boy.  He picks his own names for all of the babies and to this day calls Lane "Dusty" after choosing the name "Dustin Blake" for him before he was born.  Evin was "Lisa Lynn," and he had decided that my new baby would be called "Cody Colt."  He is serious about his predictions and had never been wrong, so I was kinda sad for him that his streak had ended!!  I called to tell him the news and he said "Well, I don't really believe them, but I am just thrilled to have another little great grand-daughter!"  He later blamed his incorrect guess on the radiation treatments he has been receiving for some cancerous spots on his head!  I joked and told him that she may be a girl, but I bet his prediction means she will be a tomboy!

Now that we know we will be having a sweet little girl, we have to decide on a name.  Kyle and I each have our own favorite name and can't seem to agree on many others.  Let's hope the right name comes to us!  Any suggestions???

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