Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy!

Kyle turned 31 on November 1, 2013.  His parents came in town to celebrate with us that weekend and we had lots of fun plans!  When Kyle got home from work, Lane presented him with the gift he picked out for him--a mini basketball hoop!  He had seen one in Kyle's office and thought he needed one at home!

I tried to pick up BBQ from Franklin's that day, but the line to get meat was going to take 4 hours!!!  I went to nearby Meuller's and picked up dinner for us all instead and only waited about 4 minutes.  It was pretty tasty!

I made chocolate cake for dessert and Lane helped Kyle blow out his candle.

Lane was glad that Sara got to spend a lot of time with us now that she lives in Austin!

Everyone was excited to go watch Lane play T-Ball on Saturday morning.  This ended up being Lane's last game.

The Lane Coots cheering section posed after the game.  I guess the boys thought silly poses were needed.  
Pops and the classic bunny ears:

Lane showing the TCU Horned Frog sign up.  UT played TCU right before and he knew this got a rise out of Kyle!

Right after T-Ball we went to Touch-a-Truck again!  Lane LOVED it last year and couldn't wait to go again this year.  He was so happy that his grandparents got to come along, as well as his Aunt Sara.  He went in almost every vehicle and had a great time!

Fireman Lane

Riding the back of the fire truck!

He got to turn on the sirens and honk the horn in the SWAT Hummer.

He was school bus crazy last year.  Guess he isn't as obsessed anymore!  He was plugging his ears because of all the honking horns!

Checking out the inside of an ambulance.

Exploring the inside of the UPS truck.  No packages in there!

Taxi!  Taxi!

Lunch break!

I had this same picture of him last year!  

Bounce House Fun!

Posing in front of the Recycling truck.  My belly is growing FAST!!

After our busy morning, we all went home and Lane took his nap.  After lots of playtime, we got ready to go out to dinner.  A quick slam dunk and we were ready to go out to eat!

WE had a great dinner at La Traviata to celebrate Kyle's 31st.  Thanks to Claire and Danny for the yummy meals while they were here!

Happy birthday Kyle/Daddy!!!!  We all love you very much.

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