Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mommy + Lane Weekend

Lane and I were on our own on Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20.  This was the weekend Kyle was in New Orleans and my family only stayed in Austin Thursday through Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon after they left, we decided to hit up the park.  The weather was really pretty and we had a good time!


The ice cream man drove right by the park, so Lane was able to have his first ice cream truck experience!  

Choosing his ice cream

He chose a Ninja Turtle pop!

Mommy got a Pink Panther and promptly ate the ears.  :)
Remember the bubblegum eyes from when we were kids??  They still have them!

On Sunday we decided to venture out to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls.  I took Lane there last year and it was so much fun!  Last year we went on a Friday, and let me tell was WAY less crowded than our Sunday trip this year!  We sat in a long line of cars for about 45 minutes just to park.  Then every activity had the LONGEST lines.  We didn't get to do all of the activities we wanted because they closed early on Sunday, but we still managed to have a good time.

First, we stopped by the face painting area.  The line was pretty short at the time, so we went ahead and got that out of the way.  Last year Lane got a cool dinosaur, and this year he opted for a tiger face!

The beginnings of a tiger...

Staying so still!  I think his little face looks so sweet here!


Almost done!


Check out that ferocious tiger!

My cute little tiger!


After face painting we headed to the Berry Bounce.  It is a giant air pressured pillow similar to a bounce house.


I was shocked that Lane wanted to ride a horse.  His last pony ride experience at the rodeo last March was a forced activity and he was not enthused.  This time he decided on his own he wanted to ride the big horse, and that he did!  Even after we had to wait in line for almost an hour! 

Waving to Mommy.  I wish his hand hadn't covered his face!

He was excited to ride this old broken down tractor on the way out.  Later, he said it was his favorite part!  Silly boy!

My little tiger was plumb out by the time we left the parking lot.  It was a special, fun weekend with my little buddy!

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