Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 12-16 Weeks


We have made it to week 16 of my pregnancy!  A lot has happened in the past month.  I'll just do bullet points to make it easy.

  • Started getting frequent headaches, some severe.  Have had a couple of migraines as well.
  • Morning sickness is mostly gone.  Had gotten so much better and was completely gone by week 13 or so, then had a relapse on week 16 and threw up 3 mornings that week!  Let's hope it isn't back. 
  • POPPED out this month!  Am wearing mostly maternity pants and yoga pants and some maternity shirts.  Am definitely bigger this pregnancy than last.  
  • Lane gets excited each week when he hears how big the baby is.  His favorite was when the baby was a lemon.  :)
  • Lane still thinks it is a girl.  He corrects me if I say baby "brother or sister" and immediately says "It's a sister!"  He even told me that if it is a boy I will just have to try to have another baby that's a girl!
  • Slowly getting my energy back, but still require an afternoon nap with Lane every now and then.
  • Started feeling "flutters" at week 13, but wasn't sure if it was definitely the baby or not.  They continued and it was definitely tiny baby movements!  Way, way earlier than I felt Lane.  (He wasn't until around 19 weeks.)  Maybe this time around I just knew what to feel for.
  • Had a Dr. appointment on 10/24/13 at 15 weeks 3 days.  I saw the nurse practitioner because my doctor was out of town for a family emergency.  Heard the baby's heartbeat:  157 bpm.  It was just a quick checkup and everything looked good!
  • Total weight gain so far is 7 lbs.
  • Don't have any "real" cravings, but have been finding myself eating saltine crackers with Kraft American singles a lot.  Also have started liking BBQ potato chips, which I have never really cared for before.  Have only eaten them twice, but found it weird that I chose them and liked them!

My next Dr. appt is the big anatomy scan sonogram at the Perinatologist on November 14th.  We can't wait to find out if Lane will have a baby brother or sister!!!

A cute fireman helped me out with my monthly picture this time!  I feel like my belly looks and feels bigger than it looks in this picture, but maybe it's the angle or black shirt?!

And here is the growth so far!

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