Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pregnancy 16-20 Weeks


Well, I have reached the halfway point of this pregnancy!  Weeks 16-20 were exciting ones!  As mentioned in a previous post, we found out that Baby Coots #2 is a girl!  This month I had some random morning sickness creep back up and began battling major migraines.  I am pretty much having headaches almost every day and often times they turn into migraines.  It is no fun!  At 19 weeks I was finally able to feel movement with my hand when pressed to my belly.  So cool!  I feel movement off and on all day, but almost always feel the most when I am laying in bed at night about to go to sleep.  The good news is, the movement doesn't continue during the night, so I am able to get a good night's sleep so far.  

On 11-19-13 I had my 19 week checkup.  The heart rate was in the 150's and everything seems to be great.  I have gained 11 lbs so far.  I asked my Dr. about my migraines and she said they should taper off as my hormone levels regulate, but if not, to let her know.  That night, I ended up having one of the worst migraines of my life!  I took one of my prescribed migraine pills at 9:30pm, somehow fell asleep, and woke back up at 2am with my head THROBBING.  I woke up Kyle just to tell him how horrible I felt, took another pill, and tried to force myself to sleep.  After about 45 min of agony, I finally fell back to sleep and woke up that next morning feeling a little better.  

Week 20 was the week of Thanksgiving!  I enjoyed all of the yummy food and took full advantage of my stretchy maternity pants.  The headaches and migraines continued this week, but were a little bit better.  We are still discussing names and saw lots of family members this week that all had some name ideas to throw out.  Paw has renamed the baby girl Peggy Lynn.  Peggy was my grandmother's name and Lynn is my mom's middle name.  While the name has special meaning, I just don't think we will use it.  ;-)  (When he originally predicted boy, he was calling it Cody Colt.)  Hopefully our daughter has the perfect name soon!  

Here is our monthly photo.  Growing quickly!

And the progression thus far:

In other news, Big Brother Lane has been starting to revert back to his toddler ways lately.  I think the new baby on the way has him acting a little crazy!  Here are some of his recent shenanigans.

Decided he needed a Sharpie mustache while I was in the shower.

Wanted to be a helper and fed Scout without me knowing.

Walked in wearing a bib he found.  (And no shirt?!?)

Tested out Mommy's new lip gloss.

Sat in the Bumbo that we let Evin borrow.

Let's hope he gets this all out of his system before April!  My bet is it could get worse.  :-/

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