Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Card Pics 2013

Back in November we had our family pictures taken for our Christmas card.  I found a photographer through an Austin friend that was holding mini sessions at the park by our house, so I signed us up!  It ended up being 85 degrees the day of our pictures, so we were pretty toasty in the outfits I had already decided we would wear!  The pictures turned out well, so I guess the heat was worth it!

I was worried about how Lane would do since he is at a tough age right now and pretty much refuses posed pictures.  With lots of marshmallows in between shots and plenty of bribing, we ended up getting some good ones!  Some have a forced smile from our little stinker, but it's better than a frown or scowl!

Photos by: J. Noel Photography




I wasn't brave enough to bring Scout along for the professional pics, but didn't want to leave her out of the card.  I took these two cuties back to the same location a few days later, and surprisingly got some really good pictures!  I had low expectations, but Lane surprised me, and Scout was a good girl!

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