Sunday, December 15, 2013

She has a name!

Kyle and I celebrated our anniversary on December 2nd.  He had ordered me an anniversary gift before Thanksgiving and it took a while to be delivered.  It finally came and it is one of his most thoughtful gifts he's ever given me!  We were celebrating 7 years of marriage, and the traditional gift for 7th anniversaries is "copper."  When I opened the present I found a pretty copper necklace with 2 charms on it.  One with an 'L' and one with an 'E."  Kyle and I had been going back and forth on names for our baby girl and couldn't agree on anything.  My top choice was Ellis and his was Landry.  When I saw the 'E' I looked up at him with a grin and saw that he was smiling too.  He finally agreed on Ellis after months of trying to sway his opinion!  It made the gift that much sweeter! 


So, without further ado.....our baby girl will be named:

We realize it is definitely not a traditional little girl name, but both of us can already envision our cute little daughter and the name Ellis just seems to fit.  I had it on my boy list for a while, and transferred it to the girl side once we found out we were having a daughter.  The middle name Paige has always been one of my favorites.  It is my sister Kori's middle name, and it just seemed to fit perfectly as a middle name with most of our first name choices.  Lane had been campaigning for the name Ellis, and told Kyle "Mommy and I won!"  It's nice to be able to call her something other than "the baby," and we can't wait to put a face with a name in April!

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