Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Santa! I Know Him!

Kyle, Lane and I came into town on December 20th for a long stay to celebrate the holidays.  Our favorite Santa came to Mums' house for a visit on the 21st, and this year Evin got to meet him too!  We have used this Santa since Lane's first Christmas and I just love him!  It is so nice to have him come by for his 30 minute visit with just OUR kids, rather than standing in a long line and paying for an expensive photo package of a rushed picture.  Last year Lane did GREAT!  He had a permanent smile on his face and talked and played with Santa the whole time.  In true Lane fashion, he decided to act differently this year.  It started off well.  Santa walked in, Lane got big happy eyes and sweetly waved to him saying "Hi, Santa!"  And then it pretty much went downhill from there.

Evin was intrigued at first...

She was cool and collected...

Until she got a good look at old St. Nick and lost it!

Lane kept saying "I'm shy" and refused to go near Santa.  Santa ended up luring him over to take a look in his bag and Lane finally agreed.

He got a smile out of Lane when he pulled out a soft, brown teddy bear just like Lane had asked him for in his letter.

Trying for a family picture with Santa...

The old stiff legs.  I couldn't believe he was acting this way!!!

We ended up getting this shot, which was about as good as it was going to get this time around.

Being "shy."

Even though both kids weren't really into it, we tried HARD for a picture of the 3 of them.

This was the shot of the day!!!  Evin screaming and Lane covering his ears!  Kori sent this picture in to the channel 5 news and they ended up broadcasting it!  Pretty priceless!

We made one last desperate attempt to get Lane to sit with Santa by sending him over to share some cookies with him.  Lane wouldn't even make eye contact when he handed over the bag!

Santa shared a cookie with Lane, but it still didn't do the trick.  Lane just kept his distance.

Maybe next year?!?!

Posing with their stuffed toys that Santa brought both of them.  Lane was all smiles after Santa left.

And because I love a good yearly look-back...
Santa and Lane years 1-4.
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

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