Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Christmas here"

The day we got back from San Angelo after Thanksgiving, we went to the local tree tent to pick out our tree.  I always get excited about this and am pretty picky when it comes to choosing one!  Lane was excited too, and actually helped make the final choice this year.  

This is the one!

Paying for the tree on Daddy's shoulders

Lane kept telling the men that bundle up the tree, "This one's ours!"

Taking her home!

That week, we decorated the tree.  The lights nearly gave me a fit, but as soon as they were up and functional, we got to decorating.  Lane was really into it this year and wanted to help out a lot.  He was so proud each time he put an ornament on.


Our beautiful tree!  Complete with our new angel tree topper I found at Cracker Barrel.

I also finished decorating the rest of the house that week.  I am loving this chalkboard tray that I re-finished.  It used to be a serving platter that belonged to Kyle's grandmother.  When I got it, it was black with fruit painted all over it, and I spray painted it brown and painted on the chalkboard.  I change it out seasonally with a different drawing, design, or phrase.  I think it is a neat item that I will always treasure, since it came from Ginks and I made it my own!

Scout has totally enjoyed laying by the fire this winter!  This is the last year we will have just 3 stockings hung!

Every year, Gran gives Lane some ornaments that represent his likes, interests, and activities since the last Christmas.  This year he got a knight ornament, a baseball bat, an airplane that says "Laguna Beach," and some other yearly Hallmark ones that she always buys.  We ended up needing a bigger tree for him to hold all of his ornaments!  He proudly picked out rainbow lights for his tree and we put it up in his playroom.  His stuffed Christmas friends gathered around the bottom.  I love how it turned out!

 Every year since we've been married I have bought a new decorative Christmas tree to display.  After 7 years, the trees were beginning to accumulate since my mom and Claire often bought me some too.  This year I decided to add a different decoration to the collection.  I had seen this canvas on Pinterest and decided to try to recreate it.  It is evidently a Pottery Barn knockoff and wasn't too tricky to make!  I sketched it using a grid and a print-off from the computer.  Then I colored in the sections with a red paint pen.  The whole project only cost about $20 and I know it will be a special decoration for years to come!

The beginning of December also included the arrival of Harvey the Elf!  He came to our house on December 1st and was found in the media room with a letter and a Playmobil Christmas set complete with Santa and an elf.  Lane was beyond excited and has enjoyed finding Harvey each morning after he returns from the North Pole.

Harvey has been pretty silly so far!  He made funny faces on our family picture:

Zip lined from the stairs to the Christmas tree on a candy cane:
(Can you spot him?)

And ended up needing some urgent care after Daddy and Lane actually sent him down the zip line and he fell off.  :-/

Lane is just the perfect age for Christmas this year!  He knows the story of baby Jesus, is absolutely loving all the Christmas music we listen to in the car, reads Christmas books constantly, watches a Christmas movie nearly every day, and is beyond excited to open presents!  Celebrating Christmas is so special with a little one of your own!

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