Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Attire

I love finding holiday shirts for Lane to wear.  I usually hit the same usual spots and try to find shirts on sale and buy ahead for upcoming holidays.  In years past I was able to get lots of good pictures of Lane wearing his Christmas shirts leading up to the holidays, but this year has been "different."  He can't stand having his picture taken anymore and gets a huge attitude about it!  I have to bribe like crazy, or make sure the pictures aren't rushed and forced in order to get any good shots.  I was happy he posed for me in his Grinch shirt in front of my mom's Christmas tree, and I got some cute ones!


Evin agreed to model for me too!

He also was happy to play on the porch one day while I took some pics of him in his bulldog reindeer shirt.  This was the day of his Christmas party at school. 


He was having a good time jumping off of the door frame and ended up slipping on the porch tile!  This picture was right after he fell straight on his bottom!  It didn't seem to hurt him too much!


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