Thursday, July 18, 2013

Under the Weather

The morning after Father's Day we woke up to Lane in our bed (as usual.)  He immediately said he felt hot and then threw up all in the bed!!  


Poor baby was not feeling well at all.

He vomited over and over all morning.  Couldn't keep any liquids down and ended up getting to the point where he was just dry heaving.  He never ran a fever, but slept almost all day and if he was awake, he was puking.

Laying with the puke bowl

He hadn't been sick to his stomach since he was a baby, so throwing up was "new" to him.  He was so confused and upset and kept saying "I'm sad."  It was heartbreaking!

Since he had no other symptoms except the vomiting, I didn't bother taking him to the Dr. and decided to just let it run it's course.  He looks so pale in all of these pictures.

By late afternoon, he woke up from a long nap and exclaimed he was feeling much better!  I was cautious and kept the puke bowl handy, but he got a second wind and never threw up again!  

These faces were cracking me up.  He was sitting in my lap and kept doing this smile and saying "I feel all better!"

I am so thankful it only lasted a short time.  We aren't sure if it was the dinner the night before or just a quick stomach bug, but we hope it doesn't return anytime soon!

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