Monday, July 29, 2013

Butler Park

We love visiting Butler Park!  On one end is a par 3 pitch and putt golf course that Kyle has played numerous times.  I played with him once while Claire watched Lane, and we have taken Lane a couple of times to play with us.  Lane does pretty well, but sometimes complains of the heat and the walking.  Sometimes I complain too!  Haha!

We take his little clubs and he plays right along with us!  He is getting to be a good little golfer! 


Check out that swing!  Eyes on the ball and everything!

Watching his ball.  He always says "I smoked it!"

He makes the cutest golfer ever.  I really hope he sticks with the sport and becomes a real golfer someday!

A little putting help from Daddy

Taking a rest with Mommy

On the other end of Butler Park is the Liz Carpenter Fountain.  It is a splash pad at the top of a hill with a great view of downtown.  It's nice to let Lane cool off after a sweaty game of golf!




There is also a lookout point atop another hill that has a giant map of Texas on the ground.  We dried Lane off and walked up there to check it out.  He loved sitting on Mansfield!

And then moved down to Austin!

Pointing to Daddy's building--It's the second tallest from the left.

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