Friday, July 12, 2013

Swim Star

Lane finished up his first swimming season at Emler Swim School at the end of May.  This was his first swim lesson without Mommy in the pool with him, so I wasn't sure how he would do.  He went on Thursday nights at 5:15, and afterwards we always went to eat at Jason's Deli.  I loved our Thursday night "dates!"  

Our boy was definitely the cutest swimmer there!

His teacher's name was Mr. Aaron.  There were 3 boys in his class and poor Mr. Aaron had his hands full!

 The first few classes Lane did really well!  He had a blast and was going under for about 4-5 seconds at a time.  They practiced blowing bubbles under water, floating on their backs, and jumping in then turning to grab the wall.



On about the 4th or 5th class, Mr. Aaron was absent and a substitute filled in.  Lane happened to be her only student that day, so he went under A LOT.  By the end of the lesson he was completely burnt out and upset.  I really wish she hadn't have pushed him so hard, because for the remainder of the semester until TODAY, he is terrified of going under.  It was pretty discouraging!  

This was the lesson that ended up terrifying him:

The one thing he ALWAYS did at the end of every class was slide down the slide.  Even though he was clinging to the teacher most of each lesson, he would still choose to slide down every time!

Standing in line to slide!  Hands on his hips, like usual!

He finished his summer prep session and went right into the summer session, which he will continue through August.  Since it is an indoor pool, they offer lessons year round and have many different time choices.  Hopefully he can keep going until he is a proficient swimmer!

Here he is on his last day of the summer prep session!

Keep up the good work, Lane!

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