Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rio de la Vida Ranch | Kerrville, TX

We were thrilled to get to meet up with our good friends Collin and Brittany at their family friend's ranch in Kerrville, TX for the 4th of July.  Brittany was one of my best high school friends and is definitely the one friend from high school I have stayed the closest with!  Her dad played football at Florida State and his buddy Rhett played there with him.  Rhett's ranch is absolutely beautiful.  It was a quick 2 hour drive from Austin and we arrived Wednesday night.  It was dark, so we weren't able to see just how nice the ranch is, but we knew it was going to be a great time!  Lane played a little on the porch when we got there.  So pretty!

The ranch had a main house and a guest house.  We were lucky enough to get the guest house all to ourselves!  We tucked ourselves in, ready for a fun day the next day!

The next morning we were able to see all of the pretty sights!  This was our guest house, which had an awesome view!

We drove back down to the main house for breakfast and I snapped some pics of the grounds.


There were 3 horses on the property.  That's Brittany's brother Bryan on the paint horse, Rio.


Testing out the hammock.  The life!

The pretty porch, which led to a lookout deck.  There were so many decks and all of them had seating and tables with pretty views!  I think I could have eaten every meal on a different deck and wouldn't have even tried them all!

The entrance to the main house

This deck was called the "Sunset Deck."  We were able to watch the sun set July 4th, and it was so pretty!

That's Kyle sitting in the far left chair :)

The property also had cattle including longhorns!  Lane took these next 2 pictures with my iphone from the car window.  A budding photographer?

I took so many pictures, so I am splitting them into 2 posts.  Next up:  All the fun we had while we were there!

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