Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweet Baby Girls

Our friends Josh and Carrie and Trey and Tara were both expecting baby girls just a couple weeks apart.  On Memorial Day we got word that Josh and Carrie's baby was born!   Just 2 days later on May 29, Trey and Tara had their baby girl!  I was able to go see both of them on the same day at their hospitals.  

1st stop...Dallas Presbyterian Hospital to meet Abigail Jayne Bays.  She was so sweet!  I ended up being the only visitor there at that time, and Carrie was being discharged that afternoon.  We had a little mini photo shoot because Abigail was being so cooperative!  We changed out her outfit a couple times, tried out some different headbands and bows, and even took a few family pics!  


So alert!  Wearing the same dress her Mommy went home from the hospital in!

That evening I went up to Methodist Mansfield where Tara was to meet Kinsley Rose Taylor.  She was born 2 weeks early and weighed about the same as Lane did when he was born.  Definitely took me back to 3 years ago with my tiny boy!

She loves her Mommy!  I only got to hold her for a short time before she wanted back in Tara's arms.

Such beautiful babies!  I'm totally ready for a daughter now!  ;-)

We also got to do some loving on Evin that day!  I almost couldn't stand all the baby girl sweetness!  And combine a cute baby girl with my cute boy.....oh my goodness!

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