Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sick Again!

The Saturday that Riley and Brandon came, Lane woke up from his nap with a fever.  It was weird that he had gotten over his stomach virus so quickly earlier that week, and was now running a fever.  He was a good sport while our guests were here.  He would act completely normal, but then kinda crash and take it easy on the couch.  I took him to the doctor on Monday, and they said it was just a viral infection.  We managed it with cold rags and tylenol for a day or two, but by day 5, he was still running a fever.  

Doesn't he just look so pitiful here?  He didn't understand why his head was hurting.

A little grouchy after his nap.  Poor fella just wasn't himself!

He eventually started complaining that his legs hurt and I noticed a pea size lump under one of his ears.  I googled all of his symptoms and of course, it said crazy things like "It could be leukemia."  It's so silly to look back on now, but in that moment I was sure my kid had leukemia!  He has never complained of his legs hurting and the lump worried me!  I called Kyle at work and got him all worked up.  I'm telling you....we are that crazy couple that over-reacts and worries each other.  Not good!  To make things worse, Kori and Mitch were planning on coming to Austin that weekend and bringing Evin, who of course, could not get sick.  

I went ahead and called the clinic again after the 5 days of fever, and they said to come on in.  I mentioned my "fears" to the doctor and she smiled and said "I can assure you he does not have leukemia!"  She also said she was glad I brought it up because so many parents fell silly asking things like that and don't bring it up, then end up worrying more.  She confirmed again that it was just a viral infection and that the lump was just a swollen lymph node letting us know that the virus was on it's way out.  Sure enough, his fever broke and he was just fine by that afternoon.  

At the doctor...on the mend!

Luckily, when we got home from the doctor, you could tell he was feeling much better!  Let's hope our run-ins with viruses are over for a while!

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