Monday, July 22, 2013

Evin in Austin

The last weekend of June, Mom, Kori, Mitch, and Evin came to Austin for a visit.  This was Evin's first trip to our house!  They came in on a Thursday and stayed until Saturday because of Mitch's work schedule.

Thursday night we went to dinner at Hula Hut.  I hadn't been there in a long time!  The wait was long, but the food was yummy as always!  Lane passed the wait time looking at boats and throwing Goldfish crackers into the water for the fish.

While we waited, Lane gave a little performance!

Lane is still really sweet with Evin.  He always wants to talk to her, but for some reason feels the need to "baby talk" to her and his words come out as nonsense!  We keep telling him, you don't have to baby talk, just talk normal to her, but he just can't help himself!  It's pretty funny.

I think Evin thinks he's crazy!

I bought this onesie for Baby Armstrong before we even knew if Kori was having a boy or a girl.  Evin finally fit into it, so Kori dressed her up for some pics with her favorite aunt.  ;-)

The rest of our time was spent running around to a few stores and playing at home.  We ate lunch at Mandola's one day and got BBQ to go on Friday night.  I am so glad we live close enough to DFW so that we can still see family fairly frequently!  (Whoa, that was a lot of F's!)

Mums and Lane--all smiles!

A proud grandmother!

Mums and Evin with her "sneaky smile!"  :)

Kori and E

Smiles for Mommy before heading back to Mansfield

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