Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013


Our trip to Mansfield for the Ranger game fell on Father's Day weekend, so Lane and I headed back to Austin on Sunday so we could celebrate with Kyle.  He picked Gourdough's for dinner.  We had visited their trailer for dessert before, but this time we decided to try the actual restaurant, which had some crazy items on the menu.  Almost everything incorporates a donut somehow.  Not a typical donut with icing, but just the bread part.  :)  I ordered the pulled pork, which was shredded pork, bbq sauce, and potato salad, on top of a donut.  Kyle ordered a burger, which was a hamburger patty sandwiched between, you guessed it, donuts!  We were not great fans of the meal portions--really rich and greasy, but the dessert we ordered did not disappoint!  We got the "Salty Balls" (haha) which was donut holes drizzled with caramel sauce, cream cheese icing, and salted peanuts.  We blew through some calories, but enjoyed ourselves! Our verdict is:  Go to Gourdough's for dessert and skip out on the meals.

Building with sugar packets while we waited for our food.


After dinner, we came home, played outside a little, and gave Kyle his gifts and cards.  We gave Kyle some new golf attire and Lane filled out a questionnaire similar to the one he did for me on Mother's Day.  Here is what his said:

My dad is 50 months years old.
His hair is black, just like Evin's, and his eyes are red.
My Dad likes to wear his suit and ties!
He loves to eat chicken.
He is smart because he knows to work sometimes.
My Dad works hard at Austin Adventures.  (Austin Ventures)  
Daddy always tells me funny words.
It makes my dad happy when I am being good.
If he could go on a trip, he would go on a helicopter to the Virgin Islands.
I really love it when my Dad kisses and hugs me.
If I could give my Daddy anything it would be a hug.
My favorite thing about my Dad is kissing him.

Lane is very lucky to have such a fun and loving Daddy.  They have really become closer since our move to Austin.  Now that Kyle isn't traveling for work, they get to hang out every day!  Each morning when Kyle leaves for work, Lane has to say bye and give hugs and kisses probably 5-10 times.  We have had a meltdown or two because Lane wakes up and Kyle is gone.  So now, if Lane is still asleep when Kyle leaves, Daddy has to wake him up to say bye!   Lane says these phrases over and over as Kyle walks out the door!

"Bye Daddy!"
"See you soon!"
"I love you!"
"See you tonight!"
"I don't want you to go to work!"
"Why do you have to go to work?"
"I'll miss you!"

 One last kiss and hug before work.

 Lane loves playing sports with Kyle.  They play soccer, baseball, and golf almost every day.

One of Lane's favorite things to do is make coffee with Daddy.  We have a Keurig and Kyle has taught Lane all of the steps to make a cup of coffee.  Lane frequently asks if we would like some coffee, just so he can go help make some!

Kyle, we are so thankful to have you!  Thank you for working hard for our family and being such a great father and husband.

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