Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Soccer Drop-out and Baseball Enthusiast

Well, these are probably the last cute pictures you'll see of our little guy enjoying soccer.  We signed him up for another Soccer Shots season this spring and he just wasn't feeling it.  He did ok the first couple of practices, but it got to the point where he hated going.....and we hated watching!  That sounds bad, but seriously--We were frustrated watching him not listen, throw fits, and not have fun.  So, we are taking a soccer break for a while!  **By the looks of these pictures you'd think he was having a blast!  These were taken early in the season.  I seriously just think he decided he doesn't like soccer!**


He has, however, started showing some interest in baseball!  We took him to a Round Rock Express game one night and he had a lot of fun!

He loved clapping!



One hot dog please!  (Minus the actual hotdog!)  This boy is picky, picky!

Loving on his mommy.  He was being so sweet that night!

He had fun at the Express game, but his favorite baseball team to cheer for is  THE RANGERS!
He wore his jersey on opening day to preschool.  Too bad we weren't in Arlington!!

Who knows...maybe baseball will be his sport of choice.  Just like his Daddy!

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