Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Gran!

Kyle and I made a weekend trip back to DFW to celebrate Gran's 60th birthday.  My birthday is the 23rd of April, and Claire's is the 27th, so we usually do a dual birthday dinner for the two of us.  Before dinner we gave Gran her present from all of iPad!

She was so surprised! 

That night we went to dinner at Eddie V's in Fort Worth.  Yum!

Both birthday girls got a free dessert!  I got the homemade blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.


Happy birthday Gran!

We visited with baby Evin at Mums' house before we left on Sunday.  Lane likes to baby talk her and touch her hands.

Sweet girl!

Our happy guy held her for some pictures that actually turned out pretty cute!

She's already telling him to hush!

Uncle K getting some cuddles in.

Mommy time

Kisses for Mums before we left!

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