Friday, May 31, 2013

A Fun Weekend!

Alright...I am finally caught up to May, but it is now May 31, and I still have the whole month to re-cap!  One of these days I will be up to date again!  

The first weekend of May, the Snowden's came to Mansfield to visit and see Evin.  Tiffany and Kathy had met her, but the kids and Ryan hadn't yet.  We planned some fun things while they were here and we had a good visit.

The kids played outside the first night they came.  They get along surprisingly well!  Lane thinks Mason is really cool!

Mitch joined in the soccer fun!

Cousin dog-pile!

Pretty, Marley!

The next morning some of us ventured out to Lego Land at Grapevine Mills Mall.  Tiffany and I took the kids while the rest of the crew stayed behind with Evin, and Ryan walked around Bass Pro Shops after he dropped us off.

Ready for the 3D video!

These two weren't old enough to ride the cars, so we hung out while Mason did.  Marley was in a great mood, and Lane was mad because he couldn't ride.

There goes Mason!

Building with Legos in the Lego room


The little ones loved the slide as we were leaving!

Lane built a Lego car and raced it down the ramp.

Lego Dirk!


Marley is a huge bug lover and had a great time finding roly-polies in Mums' backyard.  She's such a cute little tomboy in these pictures, but is a girly girl the rest of the time!


That night, Kyle came in town from Austin to take Lane to the Ranger Game!  We had to wake him up from his nap so Kyle could take him, and he was in a grumpy mood.

Kyle sent me this picture--looks like he's in better spirits now!  He enjoyed a hot dog---without the meat, ice cream, and a pretzel.  He also needed to poop while they were there, which led Kyle to an unpleasant adventure!  Taking a 3 year old into a men's restroom at a baseball game is evidently not ideal!

Before the crew left on Sunday morning, we went to Cedar Hill State Park to take some family pictures of them with Kathy.  I took a few of Lane before we left.  They remind me of school pictures in front of a backdrop!

Everyone got in some cuddling with Evin, and then they hit the road for San Angelo!

We had a fun visit!

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