Thursday, May 30, 2013

Little Golfer

Kyle has recently taken up golfing.  He has played with friends and work acquaintances before, but admits he isn't very good!  He splurged and decided to start taking golf lessons.  One evening, Lane and I went with him to the driving range by our house, and Lane loved it!  He had a decent swing for a 3 year old, and begged to go back!  After a few more family trips to the range, Kyle surprised Lane with his own set of lefty golf clubs!  (Lane writes and eats right handed, but swings a bat and a club left handed!)

Kyle was wearing half workout clothes, half work clothes here!  haha!

So excited!

That week, we took Lane to test out his new clubs!  How cute is he carrying his bag??


Trying out his driver first!



And now, switching to his iron!

Pretty good swing, huh?

We headed to the putting green for some practice.


He lined up these balls all by himself, but is a bit of a cheater when it comes to putting!  He gets the ball really close to the hole and then usually just scoots it into the hole with his club.

Maybe one day he will be an all-star golfer!  For now, we will just enjoy our new family hobby!

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