Friday, May 17, 2013

Can't Get Enough of Her!

I went back to Mansfield the weekend before my birthday to help out some more with Evin and to see Paw, who was coming in town to meet Evin for the first time.  He isn't really up to much traveling anymore, but was so sweet to come to meet Lane after he was born, and gladly came with Kathy to see Evin after she got home too!  


Paw and "Dusty"
**When I was pregnant with Lane, Paw predicted that he would be a boy, and decided we should name him Dustin Blake.  He has always correctly predicted the sex of all of his great-grandchildren and then come up with a first and middle name he likes for them!  When the sonographers thought Evin was a boy at first, Paw said "Well, they are wrong."  AND, he was right!!  His name for Evin was Lisa Lynn, but now he lovingly refers to her as "Tuffie."

Hugs for Paw after he handed Lane some cash!

We went to Kori and Mitch's that night and ate BBQ.  I was glad to feed and burp Evin again.  :)


And Lane happily held Evin for a little while!

Paw and Kathy left on Sunday, and I spent the day at Kori's on Monday.  As I was getting Evin dressed she was so happy and smiley!  See?!


All dressed up and looking CUTE!

 I ended up staying until Tuesday, which happened to be my birthday.  Next 30th birthday post!

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