Thursday, May 16, 2013

She's Home!

On Saturday, April 13, Evin Kate was discharged from Cook Children's Hospital and finally got to come home!  I drove to Mansfield the next day to stay and help out a little bit since Mitch had to go back to work and Kori would be spending her first few days at home all by herself with Evin.  It was so good to see her in her own clothes, no tubes or wires, in her own swing and bouncy seat!


Lane hadn't seen Evin since the day after she was born, and wore his Big Cousin shirt I made to see his baby cousin!  He wasn't quite ready to hold her that night, but did like rubbing her head and kissing her!

The next morning I went with Kori to Evin's doctor appointment with her pediatrician.  I forgot what an ordeal it is to get a newborn ready and out of the house!


Her doctor was pleased with how she looked and was happy that she had gained a little bit of weight.  That was Evin's main hurdle--eating well and gaining weight.  Heart babies burn lots of calories while they eat because they struggle a little bit with breathing and eating at the same time, so sometimes it is really hard for them to gain weight.

After we got home, I let Kori go take a much needed nap while I watched Evin.  She looked so cute in her outfit that I decided to have a little mini photoshoot!


We sat like this on the couch for a long, long time!  I love little tiny babies!

Kori's OBGYN gave Evin this little onesie, so we dressed her up for a picture to send to Dr. Westerholm.

Lane came back over that night (thank you, Gran for watching him during the day!) and was excited to see Evin!  He was very loving and would randomly go over and talk to her, rub her head, hold her hand, and swing her swing a little bit.

We are so, so glad to have this little miracle home!

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