Sunday, May 12, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter fell a few days after Evin's surgery, so Kyle drove in that weekend to meet us to celebrate.  That Saturday we visited Evin at the hospital and were excited to see that they got to get her all dressed up in an Easter outfit!  She looked so cute! 



Little bunny feet!

 Not too thrilled with all of this!

After we left the hospital we went over to Gran and Pops' to celebrate a day early.  Gran had lots of goodies for Lane to open in his Easter basket!

Lane is completely obsessed with the cartoon Doc McStuffins, so he was excited to get his very own "Big Book of Boo Boo's" just like Doc uses!

A new book!


After some playtime, we all went out to a yummy dinner at Olive Garden.

When we got back to Mums' that night we did some late night Easter egg dying.

silly boy!

Pretty eggs!

We decided to skip out on church this year since we had a busy day including Easter lunch at the hospital with Kori and Mitch.  Mums made Lane some Easter bunny pancakes for breakfast!



Lane was excited to see what the Easter bunny left him in his bucket this year!

Some new dinosaur shoes, a dinosaur apple juice bottle, and some frog swim goggles.  The Easter bunny also got Lane some new swim shorts just like last year, but he accidentally left them in Austin.  

And Mums gave Lane some Easter treats as well!  This is one loved little boy! 

Lane enjoyed his last year of hunting eggs alone at Mums' year Evin will join in the hunt!


After he found all the eggs we whipped out the traditional confetti eggs!  He loved these last year and loved them again this year!  His favorite target was.....

DADDY!  What a good sport dad is!

Lane got a few cracked on his head too!

After the egg hunting we headed up to the hospital to have Easter lunch with Kori, Mitch, and Mitch's parents.  Linette made a delicious roast and mom brought some sides.  A hospital is not where you would ever want Easter lunch to be, but it was nice to be with family even though the setting wasn't ideal.  I know Kori and Mitch were wishing they had their little sweet heart at home for her first Easter!

Lane, Kori and Mitch

After we ate we went up to see Evin and she looked GREAT!  She was down to only one tube since the day before!  (Just the feeding tube left!)

A very proud Aunt and Uncle!

Evin with all of her Easter goodies!

The Easter eggs we made for her!

After our trip to the hospital, we headed back to Mums' to pack up our things and head back to Austin. We tried for a few pictures, but they aren't the greatest!  

Lane's face makes me laugh!

A couple of good ones with Daddy

All in all it was a great Easter despite the circumstances!  After seeing Evin looking so well that day we knew she would be home very soon!

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