Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lane's Spring Program - Noah's Ark Preschool

Mr. Lane had his spring music program at Noah's Ark the day after my birthday.  He had been singing his two performance songs, "He is the King" and "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" at home for weeks before.  We had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn't participate on the day of the program, so Kyle promised Lane that if he sang the songs and did the hand motions that he would buy Lane a spy kit.  (Lane's request.)  

Sure enough, performance day came, Kyle took off work in the morning to be there, we had our camera and video cam ready, and our little brat son wouldn't even stand up!!!!  To make things worse, he had this annoyed look on his face the entire time.  FAIL!  It's safe to say that theater and choir won't be in his future...



I stayed to volunteer at the school carnival after the program.  Lane was in much better spirits by then and enjoyed himself while he played games and won prizes.

His class then went to ride the train outside.

I hid inside so he wouldn't see me and snapped a few pics of him.  He was crying because he had to leave me.  Poor guy gets so worked up and can't even enjoy himself sometimes!

By the end I saw him smiling, and I snuck away before coming back that afternoon to pick him up.

When we got home that afternoon he kept saying he was sorry he didn't sing and that he "just got a little nervous."  He was more than willing to sing for me on our front porch.  Here's a video of the song he SHOULD have sang at school that day!  It's pretty stinking cute!

Our little dancing machine!

And even though he didn't perform, he looked pretty cute in his big boy clothes!



On the bright side---at least we didn't have to fork over any cash for a spy kit!  Hope Santa Claus pulls through on that one!  ;-)

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