Thursday, January 9, 2014

San Angelo Christmas

The weekend after Christmas, we drove to San Angelo to have our last Christmas celebration with my Mom's side of the family.  We went to Ryan and Tiffany's house for presents and dinner and had a great time!

The whole fam bam!  Of course, Lane had some interesting faces rather than a nice, NORMAL, smile!!!


Waiting to eat some dinner and open some gifts!

These two always sit at this little table whenever we visit and always have a good little time together.  If only they would actually eat and finish their plates!!


It was finally time for presents and Lane dug right in.  His first gift he opened was a police officer uniform from Kathy.  He loved it, of course.  He is really into playing dress up still, and now has quite a collection of dress up outfits that are perfect for little boys!

He put it right on and kept it on to open most of his other gifts!  He got a cool airport set from Paw!


Daddy was excited to get the new Garth Brooks  DVD/CD set.  It included the DVD of the Vegas show we got to go see last year.


Paw also gave the 3 youngest grandkids "Stuffies."  He had seen a TV commercial for them and thought the kids would like them.  They are giant stuffed animals that have tons of different pockets that you can stuff things into and hide.  Lane got a dog, Evin got a hippo, and Marley got a cat!  I thought it was very thoughtful that Paw found them on his own and ordered them for the kids.  Such a GREAT, great-grandpa!

"We both got one, Marley!"

Mason got a fun new dice game that we all enjoyed later in the night.

Evin Kate was shocked to get so many new toys!  Jaw-dropping fun, I tell ya!  Haha

Paw enjoyed looking through his yearly calendar we always make him.  It includes pictures of the family from the previous year and he always puts it to good use.

Mason and Marley were excited to get a Karaoke set from Mums!  Ryan and Tiffany were not as thrilled.  ;-)

Everyone wanted their turn with Evin!



A big smile for Mums!

Our family pic this year included a real-life policeman!

More fun with the Stuffies.  Evin gave her hippo a big smooch!

Lane showed Paw what he stuffed inside his dog's mouth.  His silky!!



Playing Mason's dice game.  It was pretty fun!

We capped off the night with a little karaoke.  Lane was a serious rocker!

Making beautiful music ;-)

A brother/sister duet!

A big thank you to Mums and Kathy for the delicious Mexican dinner and to Ryan and Tiffany for opening up their home to all the craziness!  Until next year...

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