Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 20-24

Weeks 20-24 were exciting times!  Not only did a lot of changes happen with the pregnancy, but it was also Christmas time.  I keep a pregnancy journal that I write in weekly and added a bunch of notes this month, so I will just do bullet points for each week.

Week 21:
-Celebrated my 7 year anniversary with Kyle this week.
-Tastebuds/hunger feel "off" this week.  Certain things don't appeal to me and sometimes I'll order or make something that sounds good, then once I start eating I lose my appetite.
-My lower back/tailbone has been hurting since I gave birth to Lane.  It has gotten considerably worse since I've been pregnant.  The pain has been so bad this week!!
-Every single time I sneeze I feel crazy movement, especially on the left side.  It feels like very fast flutters and then goes away.  I think my sneezes startle the little girl!

Week 22:
-We decided on a name!!  Ellis Paige Coots.
-Feeling bigger movements this week--mostly down low.  No real "patterns" yet, but almost always feel kicks when I am laying in bed at night.
-Back still hurting badly.  Especially after walking or standing a lot.
-No real cravings.

Week 23:
Had a checkup with my doctor on Dec. 17th.  My Dr. was not available, so I saw Dr. Walker who is another doc in the practice.
-Have gained 14lbs so far.
-BP was 110/60
-Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's again.  
-Already feeling tightness and pulls in tummy at times.
-Saw baby moving OUTSIDE of my belly this week.  Little jabs and lumps here and there!
-No migraines this week.  Yay!

Week 24:
Christmas Week!
-Started getting cramps in toes and calves here and there.
-Lots of movement right below belly button.
-Belly button is still in.
-Had one migraine while in San Angelo for Christmas.  First one in a while!
-Ellis Paige got lots of cute Christmas gifts!
     *Swaddle blankets, an outfit, and a pink puppy rattle from Mums
     *A cute GAP outfit from Kori, Mitch, and Evin
     *UT Onesies, hat, and booties, and a decorative plate for the nursery from Gran and Pops.
     *A prayer bear and musical TV from Kathy
     *An elephant paci clip and baby doll from The Snowdens
     *Baby gown and hat from The Bays' 

So far...Growing BIG!

Big brother Lane has been pretty sweet to his unborn sister!  I caught this picture of him feeling for kicks in the grocery line.

He also decided to give me an ultrasound one morning!  Our creative guy used his microphone he got from Santa and told me "This is the scanner thing that the lady put on your belly to tell if it was a girl or boy!"  He amazes me sometimes!

Dr. Lane, listening for the baby's heartbeat with his new stethoscope.

He also drew this sweet picture of me with Ellis in my belly.  Ellis has some long legs on her!

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