Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Day

We woke up Christmas morning with one excited little boy!  He jumped right out of bed and was ready to come down to see what Santa brought him!  In Lane's letter to Santa, he asked for a soft, brown teddy bear and a doctor's kit he had seen in a catalog that had x-ray cards.  Santa brought him the teddy bear when he came to visit Lane right before Christmas, and came through with his other request on Christmas morning!  He also brought Lane a working microphone.  He must have known how much Lane loves to sing!  Especially Christmas songs!

We had already opened all of our family gifts the night before, so Santa's gifts were easy to find!

Along with the doctor's kit was a clipboard to hold his x-rays and a stocking with some goodies inside. 

 Peeking through the stair rails to see his loot!

Look at his excited face!  Priceless!

He went straight for the microphone first.  This was an item that Lane had never asked for, so he was extra surprised.

He sang a few songs for us before moving on to the other gifts.


Looking at his doctor's kit


Inside his kit was a REAL stethoscope!    He has a few toy stethoscopes, but all of them end up falling off and not fitting correctly.  Lane was impressed with these and was excited that they actually fit in his ears, stay on well, and can really detect a heartbeat!

New Batman jammies in his stocking!

Lane's favorite candy...M&M's

 Santa ate some of the cookies and drank ALL of the Propel that Lane left him.  He must have been pretty thirsty after a long night of delivering toys!

After playing a bit with his Santa gifts, we headed to Gran and Pops' house for the day.  They were eagerly awaiting our arrival and we were excited to have yet another Christmas with family.  Lane was thrilled to get to open even MORE presents!

Buried in wrapping paper!  He was pretty much on a mission.  Would open one gift, throw it aside, and move on to the next present.

He got a lot of fun presents from Gran and Pops!

Gran's puppy, Sawyer was excited to have Lane there.  She loves jumping on him and playing with him.

She looked so cute in her festive collar!

New drumsticks from Uncle Trent!  They are really neat and play a drum sound when you tap them on any surface.  Of course, Lane doesn't just tap.  We heard some loud noises for the rest of the day!  Thanks, Trent!  ;-) Haha

To add to the noises, Trent got Lane a megaphone that changes your voice to different sounds.  Lane thought it was pretty funny!

 Still rocking the fake smile

 There's a real smile!!!  He loved his Playmobil rock band from Gran and Pops!

 We had a GREAT Christmas with each of our families.  They all spoil us rotten and we truly enjoy being able to enjoy both sides of the family at Christmas time.  Lane's grandparents, aunts, and uncles make him one happy boy!

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  1. Fun fun! A tip on playmobil from a mom with lots of playmobil experience.....super glue is your best friend. Super glue all tiny pieces im place so they arent falling off and making him frustrated.