Friday, January 17, 2014

Back to the Grind

After our long trip home for the holidays, we returned to Austin with lots to unload and unpack, and lots to catch up on at home.  We spent the first week back organizing Lane's new gifts and toys, taking down the Christmas tree, and putting away Christmas decor.   Lane started back to school, and has been surprisingly more well behaved at home than he had been the weeks before Christmas.

He was excited to start back to T-ball!  We signed him up for the winter season which goes until the end of February.  His first game was last weekend and he was so excited because he got REAL cleats!  His little foot was finally big enough and his old baseball tennis shoes had a hole in them, so I was excited to find some cleats in his size.

Can you tell he was excited to be there?!

Practicing some throws with his old man looking on.  I love how he gets that leg way up in the air before he winds back!


Taking some grounders before the game.  (He rarely stops the ball, but this picture makes him look like he's an all star short stop!)  Haha!

Lane Coots - #1 on the field & #1 in our hearts.  Haha!

"These cleats make me run FAST!"

An after game talk with his coach.

I took this picture in the front yard after we got home and can't get over how old he looks.  From the pose, to the full uniform, to that cheesy smile...he looks like such a big boy!  And I guess he is!  He'll be 4 in just a few short months.

More poses...

We had dinner with the Welter's one night at Fleming's Steakhouse and were brave enough to take Lane.  

He and I splurged and split a Cherry Coke that was in a fancy glass and had bout 10 cherries in it.  YUM!

Lane was really well behaved, but at the very end he got a little antsy and we whipped out the ipad and headphones to get us through the meal.

Getting back to our routine also meant the return of weekly swimming lessons.  Lane has been going to Emler Swim School in Westlake once a week since last April.  He only has 2 weeks left this session and we will be taking the spring off.  Partly because I will be having the baby, but mostly because I think our boy needs a break.  You'd think that after 8 months of lessons he'd be practically on the swim team, but it's safe to say we don't have the next Michael Phelps on our hands.  A while back he was making great strides and was comfortable in the water, swimming about 5-7 feet underwater himself.  Then something happened and he became completely scared of swimming alone.  As long as he has a kickboard or an instructor holding on to him, he does ok, but the minute he is asked to swim alone he panics.  Hopefully a nice long break before summer time will do him some good and he will be back at it when the weather warms back up.

After every swim class Lane and I go eat at Jason's Deli.  We've had this tradition from the beginning and I love this time with my little buddy!  We might need to continue the tradition even though swimming is over.  Especially until little Ellis arrives!

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