Saturday, January 11, 2014


We had a low-key New Years Eve this year.  Kyle left for Haiti NYE morning, so Lane and I just hung out at my mom's house that night.  She cooked a big dinner and Kori, Mitch and Evin came over to eat and watch the Aggie game.

Lane talked Mitch into helping him build a toy car that he got for Christmas.  He helped Mitch for maybe two minutes, and then was on to something else.  Poor Mitch worked and worked on that car and I don't know that it ever got finished!


Around dinner time we broke out the festive props and tried to get a few pictures of the kids in their gear before they went to bed for the night.

Party Animals!

Saying bye to Evin before bed

On some nights Lane could easily make it until midnight if we'd let him, especially if he has a late nap, but this night he was asleep pretty early.  I snuck in a kiss at midnight for good luck in the new year!

The next morning, Mums made Lane New Year's pancakes.  He ate the whole plate!  I guess that means 2014 will be a good year!

We met Ashley and Nate for lunch on New Years Day and did a tiny bit of shopping.  That night we decided to go to Prairie Lights like we have in years past.  I didn't think we were going to get to go this year because Christmas snuck up on us and we couldn't find a date that would work while we were in town.  This year they stayed open past New Years, so we decided to go ahead!  Kori and Mitch came along and brought Evin, and Lane had a good time as usual!

Both of the kids enjoyed being out of their car seats and Lane seemed to enjoy looking at the lights.


We stopped at the middle of the trail like we do every year so that Lane could ride the carousel.  It's not a fancy carousel or anything, but it goes so fast!  For some reason he always loves it!

Ready to ride!  He chose a dalmation because it's a "fire dog!"

Mums took our picture each time we came around and Lane would smile and wave each time.

This one is my favorite!  Look how happy he looks!

I made a collage using pictures of Lane from each month of 2013.  I don't think his looks changed too much, but he sure did grow a bunch and became even smarter and funnier than before.  We are looking forward to 2014 when we will get to meet our new baby girl!

Happy New Year!

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