Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Wrap Up: iPhone Style

I take a ton of pictures on my iPhone and sometimes forget to add them to my blog.  I usually use my big camera for big events and important things, but often rely on my phone for everyday moments and snapshots.  These are just some of the happenings from about December 19th until beginning of January that were captured on my phone.

Lane got new UT jammies from one of Daddy's work friends and happily posed by our tree.

We frequent Panera and Lane always looks forward to their iced sugar cookies, which change with the seasons and holidays.  He was thrilled to finally get a Christmas tree cookie after them being out of them the last time we were there.

On Lane's last day of school before the break, they had a little Christmas party and book exchange.  The question of the week was "What gift would you give baby Jesus?"  Lane answered:  a trash truck.  Hmmmm.  I asked him why and he replied "Because I have so many toy trash trucks that I could share with him."  Thoughtful after all, I guess!

So proud of his own tree upstairs, and looking cute in his Santa shirt.  This was the day of his class party.

The next day, we loaded up and drove to Mansfield for the holidays.  Harvey came along too!

 We arrived in Mansfield and Lane was pretty excited to be there!  He loved all of these Christmas friends on Mums' stairs.

One morning, we found Harvey playing Bingo with Lane's teddy bear that Santa brought!

On the 23rd, we spent the whole day baking and decorating our famous Christmas cookies.  This has been a tradition for a long time, and Kori, Mom, and I always enjoy it.  (For the most part.)  This year, Lane showed some interest and helped cut some out and decorated a few.

I kept getting flour on my belly!

Some of my favorite creations!  Decorating is always the most fun part.  We baked and iced 104 cookies!!  The decorating became a chore near the end, but we pushed through and were happy to be finished!

I always make a Gingerbread family for us each year.  Even though Ellis isn't here yet, I had to include her!  Mommy, Daddy, Lane and Ellis!  
**A funny story...One night after dinner Lane randomly announced "Mommy, while you were taking a nap on the couch and Mums was in the shower, I snuck into the cookies and ate Gingerbread Ellis."  We about died laughing!  So funny that he had done it earlier that day and kept it in until that night.  At least he's honest!

We had the news on while we were baking cookies and all of a sudden Lane burst into tears and was sobbing about something.  Turns out, the weather man said "Looks like it won't be a white Christmas for us this year.  No snow is expected whatsoever."  Lane had been adamant that it was going to snow on Christmas.  We told him that it doesn't always snow on Christmas and not to get his hopes up.  He would argue back and say "You'll see!" and "Wait till Christmas morning!"  I guess the weather man finally burst his bubble and coming to terms with reality was just too hard for his little heart to handle!

No snow?!?!!?  It's tough being 3!  (Notice the Cheetos all over his face and mouth!)

Watching Christmas shows with a drink on your head.  Don't you do this too?

 Taking a Christmas nap at Gran and Pops' house.

We went over to see our friend Ross at his sister's house on Christmas night.  They were playing a fun dice game with dollars and we joined in.  I ended up being the big winner and won $33 in dollar bills!  Lane was all excited and the whole group was telling him to pick up the bills and "Make it rain."  He did just that!! Picked up each and every dollar, then tossed them in the air and shouted "It's raining!"

Another mid-day nap with Daddy.  It's nice having a lazy holiday break!

One night we went as a family to eat dinner at Mellow Mushroom in Arlington.  Kyle had been there before and loved it, so we all went to try it out.

It was pretty good!  Lane ate really well too!

An iphone pic I forgot to add to my Christmas in San Angelo post.  A police officer singing karaoke.  Reminds me of the Village People!

Taking a bath with one of his Christmas presents from Gran.  A bath time racetrack and water toy!

We were also able to make a trip out to Dallas to see Josh, Carrie, and Abigail.  Lane got a cool new puzzle from them that has a magnetic fishing pole and sea animals.  He loved it!  Abigail was curious to see how things worked!  She was army crawling everywhere and kept grabbing Lane's ankles.  Hilarious!

We gave Abigail a caterpillar push toy, just like one Lane had when he was little.  Hope she enjoys it as much as he did!

Kyle and Abigail before she went to bed.  Not an iPhone pic, but too cute not to post!

One day we had lunch at one of Lane's favorites--Black Eyed Pea.  Mums and Lane kept track of the number of green beans he ate.

Evin had a headband malfunction!

We met Nate and Ashley at Chick Fil A on New Years Day.  The boys had a good time together and it was nice catching up with one of my "hometown friends."  I was also excited that Ashley brought a tub of Nate's clothes for me to look through for Lane.  Since they have been little, I have been buying Nate's nice hand me downs for Lane.  I always score some great Polo, Under Armour, and Gap pieces, and this year I even got Lane a Northface Jacket!  Woo Hoo!

Evin had to go to Cook Children's for one of her monthly RSV shots, and Mitch wasn't able to go because of work.  We decided to tag along to help her and made an afternoon of it.  Lane had fun playing in the indoor playground and exploring the displays around the hospital.  Then, we all went to lunch at Uncle Julio's.  MMMM!

This bear is made completely of kids toys.

A lego replica of the hospital.  Impressive!

On our last day there, we played a little T-Ball outside and then Lane went over to the pool chair, sat like this, and exclaimed "Mums house is the place to go for a pool day!"  Too bad the water is freezing right now!!

Kyle and his brother went to Haiti for a missional type trip with an organization called Ags for Orphans the first week of January.  Lane and I stayed in Mansfield that week, and headed back to Austin on Sunday the 5th so we could pick up Kyle from the airport.  Getting all of our luggage, plus our Christmas loot loaded into my car was a challenge!  We ended up having to leave a few items behind, but most of it came along.  Lane was pretty cramped back in the back and Scout had a tiny little spot up front to lay.  

We were sad to leave family, but excited to get back to Austin to see Daddy after his 5 day trip! 

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