Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lost Christmas Files

While clearing off my camera cards tonight in preparation for some upcoming photo shoots, I came across some pictures from Christmas break that I forgot I had taken!  They had been on my extra camera card and I'm glad I came across them!

They were all from December 23rd....the day that we baked and decorated cookies all day.

Such a cute little elf!  He wore this hat and rode around one of Mums' riding toys "delivering presents" all day.  We would find random toys on the floor all over the house where he had delivered to the different "houses."  I love his creativity at this age, as well as his Christmas spirit!

Fell asleep on the couch after skipping his normal naptime.  I love how sweet he looks while he sleeps!

 Watching Christmas music videos with Evin.

Decorating his cookies to leave for Santa the next night.

Proud of his creations!  He decorated Santa's cookies all by himself!

We let him choose a cookie to eat after dinner and he kept saying he wanted a "fancy" one.  He picked one of the cute reindeer I made!

Silly goose!

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