Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break got off to an exciting start!  Kori went to the Dr. after having contractions and was told there was a possibility she could deliver soon!  I had to be in Mansfield the next weekend for a baby shower, and I was already there, so I decided to stay the week in hopes that baby Evin would make her appearance while we were there!  We went on a walk one night to try to kick-start the process. 

Lane had fun visiting the neighborhood lions in my mom's subdivision.


While we were there for the week we had such a fun time!  Lane helped Mums make some zucchini bread one night.

He was helping break pecans and may have put a few whole pieces in accidentally.  Oh, well!  It was still tasty.  :)

On Saturday the 16th I helped host a baby shower for my dear friend, Carrie.  The shower for baby Abigail Jayne was so cute!  

Hostesses with the mommy to be!


After the shower, I rushed home to go to the Mansfield St. Patrick's Day Pickle Parade.  Last year was the first year, and we didn't make it.  Lane loved waving at the people and catching candy!  

Enjoying a dum-dum with Mums


Not great parade attire, but no time to change before!

That same night, my mom and I drove to Grapevine so my friend Brittany could take Lane's Easter pictures.  She was doing mini sessions at the park behind her house, so we were happy to have her snaps some pics of Lane!  The session before us was our friend Michelle's family and Lane had fun running around the park with her son, Taggart.  We got Taggart, Beck and Lane together for a group shot, but it wasn't too successful!  They are all such cute boys, though!

We grabbed dinner at Red Oven Pizza and I think it quickly became Lane's favorite restaurant.  He ate an entire kids cheese pizza, sucked down his milk........and was able to watch Team Umi Zoomi at our table!  He kept saying "I like this place!"

The next day was actual St. Patrick's Day.  It fell on a Sunday, so we woke up to join Mums at church. Lane wore his green and looked adorable.  This boy didn't get pinched!  :)

Some St. Patty's Portraits.  Sporting his beads he got at the parade the day before.


We slipped into some more comfortable attire and headed over to hang out with Gran and Pops for a while.  

Doing a leprechaun dance.  Looks good to me!

Scarfing down some of Pops' spaghetti!

Spring break came and went.....and still no baby Evin!  So Lane and I headed home to Austin the next morning so he could get back to school. 

To be continued.........

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