Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{2nd} Cousin Fun

Lane's birthday party fell on the first weekend of spring break.  Since my Aunt Kathy and cousin Ryan's family came in town for the party and were off school the next week, they decided to stay a few extra days to hang out.  Lane really looks up to his big cousin Mason and although he and Marley have their moments, they actually get along pretty well and like to play together.  (They are exactly 5 months apart!)  

Lane got some new dress up clothes for his birthday.  He has been really into dramatic play and likes dressing the part of whatever he chooses to be that day!  Kathy gave him this fireman costume and he was hilarious in it.  He kept grabbing the megaphone and yelling "Attention, attention!"  At one point he got so mad at Marley and picked that thing up and yelled "Attention, Attention Marley!  Stop doing that right now!"  He was truly angry, so it came off as even funnier!

He also got a doctor suit from Gran and Marley tried it on for us!  Maybe she will be a nurse someday like her mommy?

After Lane's party the kiddos went outside to test out his new scooter.  


3 Little Rascals!

We took the kids to the Fort Worth Children's Museum and they had a fun time.  They were all 3 pretty well behaved and Lane and Marley were really giggly together :)

Mason was the only one brave enough to lay on the bed of nails.


Mason and MawMaw

"Ew, a stinky skunk!"

I couldn't believe Lane was brave enough to go into the hurricane simulation with Mason.  They didn't last very long in there, but it was funny to watch!



Digging for some fossils


And doing a little grocery shopping!

We always have fun when the Snowden's are in town!  

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