Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lane's 3rd Birthday Party - The Fun Stuff!

Lane had so much fun with his friends at his party.  When the kiddos got there we started the dinosaur egg hunt.  We had to hide the eggs inside because we feared the rain, but it was still fun!  The eggs had dinosaur stickers, tattoos, candy, and dino figurines inside.

Next, we sent the kids over to the dinosaur dig.  I bought some "fossils" off of Amazon and the guests had fun digging for them and putting them in their buckets.

And our last activity was the Triceratops pinata.  Everyone took a couple of swings...


And..........The thing was still intact!  Mason managed to knock off a leg, but this was one tough pinata!  We ended up just dumping the treats out for the kiddies.



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