Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lane's 3rd Birthday Party - Cake and Presents!

Ok....almost finished with all of the birthday party posts!  I had a lot of good pictures and want to remember everything so I feel like I shouldn't leave anything out.  

After some playtime and lunch, Lane opened his presents.  He got a lot of fun toys!  

A scooter from Kori and Mitch--he has loved this gift! 

Some more play food for his kitchen from Gran!  He also got an apron and some new pots/pans/utensils.  Maybe he will become a chef someday???

A nerf gun from Mason and Marley

This toy from Uncle Trent was a big hit!


He got lots of neat things!  I didn't get a picture of everything, but he has loved all of his goodies!

After presents we dug into the cake!  Lane had his "proud face" on while we sang Happy Birthday to him.  He was pretty happy!


Make a wish!!!

And now......we scarf!

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