Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evin Kate Armstrong

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, I got the call from my sister that she was on her way to the hospital to have her baby girl!  I hurried to pack some bags, rushed to pick up Lane from school, and headed to Mansfield from Austin.  I was so worried she would have her before I got there!  I ended up getting there around 3:00 pm or so, and made it in plenty of time!  Whew!  

So excited to meet my new niece!

New parents...waiting...

We waited and waited out in the family lounge and finally, around 8:30pm, a proud daddy came out to give us the details!  

Evin Kate Armstrong was born at 8:06 pm weighing 6lbs 14 oz and was 20 1/4 in long!

Mitch and his baby girl.

Kori and Evin


I got to take some pictures of her getting all cleaned up!  They scrubbed her up for her first bath!

Cute baby legs!

All clean!

We all finally got to hold her!  Mums and her 2nd grandchild.

Aunt Kyla and Evin

Mitch's dad, Speedy.  AKA Paw Paw

And Mitch's mom, Linette--AKA GiGi

Happy Birthday, Evin!  We LOVE you!!

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