Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Exciting Day at the Rodeo

We got back to Austin from our long stay in Mansfield on a Monday.  The Austin Rodeo was in town and I knew Tuesday (3-19-13) would be the best day to go since Lane had school the rest of the week.  Even though I had lots to do at home after being gone for a while, I knew Lane and I would enjoy it, so we went.  It was a nice day and not too crowded since it was mid week/mid day.  

When we got there Lane made a bee line to the tractors.  They were set up as a display, but he wanted to ride EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.   


Farmer Lane--in his element


After some tractor riding, we headed to the arena for a dog show.  The sign said "trick" dogs and it ended up being those dogs that do crazy frisbee tricks.  It was pretty neat.  All of the dogs were rescue dogs and you could tell their trainers cared so much about them.  They would introduce each dog, tell a cute story about them, and then do some tricks with some silly humorous stuff mixed in.  As you can tell from the pics below....there wasn't much of a crowd there!  The stands filled up a little just as the show began, though!

I took some pics of my little wrangler while we waited for the show to start.


We took a quick bathroom break.  In a port-a-potty.  Gross!  And said hi to "Bevo" before heading into "Kids Town."


Kids Town had pony rides, picture opportunities, and a petting zoo.  I seriously had to beg force Lane to ride a pony.  He will probably never be the type of kid that is fearless and will try new things.  (He takes after his mommy in that sense.)  But I agreed to walk beside him while he rode and he finally obliged.  And doesn't it look like he enjoyed himself?!?  Such a stinker!

 A little uncertain.  I stepped away from him to snap a quick pic!

"Is this over yet?" 

By the time the thrilling pony ride was over, this cowboy was tired and grouchy, and cared nothing about the petting zoo.

I can just see him giving me this face when he's a teenager and I force him to take a picture.

He mustered up a smile with the promise of a lemonade to go, and we headed to the car.

It was getting warmer, so I changed Lane into some shorts and a t-shirt, took his boots off, started the remote start to my car, buckled him into his car seat--knowing for certain he would fall asleep within minutes, and LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR with him inside!  :-(  I knew I did it the minute my hand left the door, before it even closed.  

I then started to panic because my phone was in there too!  I flagged down a couple walking to their car, borrowed their cell phone and called On-Star. The situation went from bad to worse when they said my membership had expired.  Great!  The On-Star lady suggested I call 911 since Lane was inside and it was a warm day.  I called right away and they said they would send a firetruck out immediately.  

Meanwhile, I got Lane to unbuckle the chest straps of his car seat, but he couldn't get the buckle between his legs undone.  When the firemen got there he started to panic and basically freaked out.  I think it scared him to death that strangers were talking to him through the window and sticking a long wire down through the door trying to get it open.

Luckily they were able to get the door open with a wedge and the wire.  Poor Lane was a sobbing, sweaty mess when I got him out.  I am so, so glad I changed him out of his jeans and long sleeves and that it wasn't any hotter than it was.  And I am so glad I let him get a lemonade before we left!  He sucked it down, hugged me for a long time, and cooled off in the AC before getting back in his car seat and heading home.  He fell asleep right away and took a 3 1/2 hour nap that day.  You can vote for me for Mom of the Year, I guess!  

Despite that fiasco, we had an awesome day at the rodeo.  Lane said his favorite part was riding the tractors.  I felt for sure it would be the pony rides. ;-) haha

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