Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White Christmas

Lane woke up Christmas morning to find a brand new train table and a shopping cart under the tree from Santa and his elf Harvey!  He was pretty excited and got right to playing!

"Harvey brought this shopping cart!"

Santa left some cookie crumbs!

After some playtime, we headed over to Gran and Pops to open presents with them.  Lane dug right in to his gifts as soon as we got there!

"Whoa!  That's a lot of toys!"

Gran showing Lane his puzzles.

Love those lashes and dimples!

A huge firetruck with a  siren from Uncle Trent

Happy, happy to be watching Team Umizoomi with Pops

Needed to hold his firetruck while he watched!

Lane was a spoiled little guy this Christmas.  At Gran's he got some new trucks, a dinosaur carrying case with lots of figurines, a personalized coloring book and crayon holder, some puzzles, a Playmobil schoolhouse set, an interactive dinosaur lap pad, and an interactive stuffed toy with a book and CD.

Soon after we finished opening our presents BIG, HUGE, SNOWFLAKES began to fall!  It was so pretty!  Lane took a while to decide he wanted to go play in the snow, and although the flakes weren't as big anymore, it was still coming down and coating the ground by the time we got out there.  He had a lot of fun running around and jumping in the snow.  He fell one time and got his hands wet and exclaimed "It's freeeeeezing!"  I was happy to get some really cute pictures of our little snow-bear.  

We had such a wonderful Christmas and were so happy to be able to spend time with BOTH sides of the family.  Christmas with a 2 year old is pretty magical!

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