Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun with Friends

While we were in DFW over the Christmas break we were happy to get to see some friends who we miss a lot!  The first night we got there we went over to the Taylor's house for a Christmas party complete with a Chinese Gift Exchange.  It was a good time and we were glad to see lots of our friends there.  

Carrie, Tara, Me

Near the end of our stay we went to Dallas for dinner with the Bays'.  We ate at one of their favorite restaurants, Terelli's.  It was DELISH.  We were brave and took Lane, and although we did have to break out his Leap Pad and headphones because he was wanting to be a little loud, he was really pretty good. We were able to have a long-ish dinner and then we went back to Josh and Carrie's for dessert.  Lane had such a good time playing there and we ended up staying the night since it was getting late.

Josh put on this funny musical Santa hat for Lane.

Carrie helping Lane open his present from them.   SO thoughtful!

A cool dinosaur puzzle!

Josh helping Lane put it together.

Lane's turn for the hat!

Love this picture of Carrie and Lane!  So funny!

Thank you Josh and Carrie for such a fun night!  And for the yummy cinnamon rolls the next morning. ;-)

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