Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BCPS Christmas Party and a Visit from Gran

The week before Christmas break Gran came in town to visit and watch Lane for us when we went to the Nutcracker.  She hadn't been to Austin yet, so we were glad to have her!  She got here on a Wednesday, so we spent the day with Lane since he wasn't at school.  We had lunch at Panera (by Lane's request) and then she watched him while I went out to do some Christmas shopping.  Lane had Little Gym that night, so Gran got to see him in action.

She took a few pics of us during circle time.

Practicing his back roll-overs with Miss Kate.

Balance beam

He loves the goodbye song and patting the mat!  This time he wanted to go lay by Miss Kate!

Waiting patiently for his stamps.  Again, wanted to be right by Miss Kate.  He even rested his hand on her leg!

The next day was Lane's last day of school before break and his class had a little Christmas party.  Parents were invited, so Gran came along.  They had lunch and snacks and then decorated cookies.  Lane wasn't on his best behavior, but was MUCH better than he was at last year's school party!

Waiting for some food!

His teacher, Mrs. Heather passing out pigs in a blanket

Gran and Lane

Decorating his cookie

Tried to get a decent picture of the two of us--FAIL!

 A little bit better...

That night Kyle and I headed downtown for a Christmas date night.  We took advantage of the free babysitter and had dinner at our favorite Austin restaurant, Uchi.  It was delish as always, and we enjoyed being able to talk and take our time!  We went to the Nutcracker right after and had really good seats, courtesy of Kyle's company.  At intermission we both agreed we would rather be at home watching TV in our jammies, so we snuck out early!  Haha!  We were home by 8:45.  We are so old and boring!

Thank you, Gran for coming to visit and for watching Lane!

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