Sunday, January 20, 2013

Growing Up

A couple of weeks ago, Lane's Little Gym teacher Ms. Kate mentioned that he was probably ready to move up to the next class level.  The "Funny Bugs" are ages 3-4 and do class all by themselves, with parents watching from the lobby.  Even though Lane won't be 3 for a couple more months, Kate thought he was ready to try.  

I started Little Gym with Lane when he was less than a year old and have loved it because it was a mommy and me class that we could do together.  It makes me sad that he is big enough to go in alone now!!!  Kate advised us to try the class before they officially enrolled him. I wasn't really sure how Lane would do.  He is a huge momma's boy and still cries sometimes when I drop him off at school.  

I talked a lot about it in the days before his first class, and was shocked when he didn't cry as he went through the doors to the gym.  He fussed a little, and the teacher picked him up and carried him in, but he immediately sat with the group and was smiling ear to ear, cracking up at Mr. James within seconds of sitting down.  It was fun watching him from behind the glass.  I couldn't hear what was going on, but could see he was having a good time and following directions for the most part.    He had a few times where he wandered off, giggling when the teacher had to come get him, but they said that was to be expected his first few times since the classes he had been going to encouraged "exploration."  We have been to 2 Funny Bugs classes now, and he has done well both times!  Ms. Kate said he has been doing GREAT for being a first timer.  

Here are a few pictures and clips from his first 2 classes with Mr. James and Mr. Jose.

Soccer has also started back up.  We signed Lane up for the winter session of Soccer Shots.  He has the same coach, but has all new "teammates."  He has been twice so far and has done SOOO much better than last season.  Not sure what changed, but he is participating more, staying focused a lot better, and enjoying it more!

Muddy shoes!!!  I'm sure I have years of this ahead of me!

Playing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 


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